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Jennifer Leggio

I am a seasoned enterprise marketing, operations, strategy, and business development professional with over 24 years of experience. Beyond being a business executive, I've embarked on unique self-improvement journeys, applying the lessons learned to my coaching, mentoring, and leadership approach.

My career journey has been diverse, marked by a relentless seeker spirit that's led to success as a cybersecurity executive and growth strategist. Renowned for my tenacity, strategic vision, and no-nonsense approach, I prioritize calculated risks to disrupt the status quo and enhance diversity and inclusion in technology.

From a business standpoint, my specialties include ventures in cybersecurity focusing on build-to-exit, build-to-grow, and rebuild-for-strength strategies. I excel in storytelling and crafting content-driven, integrated programs that drive brand awareness and revenue generation.

My unique expertise has fueled demonstrable business growth and operational efficiency. Beyond marketing, I've overseen financial growth strategy, investor relations, change management, supply chain optimization, sales operations and enablement, and deal desk management. My skill set is uncommon, allowing me to rapidly analyze complex business data to identify new growth opportunities and achieve significant milestones.

In 2019, I was recognized by SC Media for advocating aggressively for ethical marketing programs and the protection of security researchers. I've also spoken on these topics at various industry events and conferences and continue to share my insights through articles and podcasts, and several speaking opportunities at DEF CON, RSA, Gartner Security Summit, and so on.

As a growth strategist, I've advised startups and venture capital firms on achieving rapid and sustainable growth, earning a reputation as a game-changer in the industry.

At this stage of my career, I'm committed to supporting companies and individuals by sharing my hard-earned lessons so they can grow. Like moveable feasts, which maintain magic and tradition and ritual regardless of location or time, they remain constant. People are the same. Let me help.

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