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Moveable Feast

Where Passion and Purpose Meet Business and Growth

Jennifer Leggio is no longer accepting new clients yet is open to advisory and board roles. If you are interested in either, you can get in touch here.

Moveable Feast is not your typical consultancy; it's a dynamic force that embraces the changing nature of life with unbridled enthusiasm. Specializing in cybersecurity go-to-market strategy and operations, messaging and positioning, leadership coaching, and personal branding, Moveable Feast helps individuals and businesses adapt, thrive, and excel in the most unpredictable situations. I believe that life is a constant journey, and with the right guidance and mindset, every challenge becomes an opportunity for growth. I want to empower clients to navigate the complexities of modern life with confidence, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of success.

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Moveable Feast bridges the gap between corporate needs and individual aspirations, offering tailored solutions to both. Whether you're a company seeking strategic guidance or an individual aiming for personal growth, you can find expert support and innovative strategies to help you achieve your goals. With a deep understanding of cybersecurity, organizational dynamics, and individual ambitions, let's craft customized approaches that drive success on all fronts. 

Go-To-Market and Operations

Sales, marketing, and revenue operations. From building your tech stack to marketing plans and demand gen programs to sales methodologies and qualification guides to operational planning for capital raises or exit. It's all covered.

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Leadership Coaching

Comprehensive guidance to assess, develop, and refine essential leadership abilities. Communication best practices, strategic thinking, cultivating team synergy, and adoption of and exemplifying values - equip your executive team to lead with transparency, confidence, empathy, and impact.

Messaging and Content Strategy

No matter where you are in your company journey, positioning yourself for success is critical - with customers, partners, employees, press, industry analysts, and the market at large. Let's make sure your story is as compelling as it can be to drive revenue or even drive a new market segment. Includes strategy sessions.

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Personal Branding and Growth

Whether we like it or not, a strong personal brand is a huge differentiator. From a LinkedIn assessment and resume rewrite to a personal "productize yourself" content strategy, expand your online engagement and perceived value. Sometimes it's hard even to get there. Impostor syndrome? Layoff or job loss? Unsure what will make you happy in your career? Let's talk and get you moving.

Bespoke - You Tell Me

Take a look at my background and see how you think I might help you. Your goals may not be represented here, but that doesn't mean I can't help. We can tailor a package for your business, your team, or yourself, that gets you closer to your version of success.

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Moveable Feast: Services

The name Moveable Feast is inspired by the great work of Ernest Hemingway; who I maintain was a questionable man yet with flawless syntax. Which also represents the complexities of life, and the mix of the good and bad, the past and present, and emerging in growth mode from all of it. I want to leverage my 24+ years of experience in personal and corporate branding, coaching, overall go-to-market and operations, to help you and/or your company find that perfect place from which to grow amid any challenges you may face.

Jennifer Leggio

Jennifer Leggio
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